Refund policy

About returned goods / defective products
Return deadline / conditions

Once the order is confirmed, we accept cancellations, changes, and returns of products other than "product difference" and "defective product" due to customer's convenience. Please note that we cannot do this.
We cannot accept cancellations, changes, exchanges, or returns of pre-order items after the order is confirmed.

Cooling-off applies to door-to-door sales It is a system. Cooling-off is not required for mail-order sales. Please note that the cooling-off system does not apply to this site because it is a mail-order sale that customers access.

Return shipping fee
Defective product replacement, incorrect product Delivery exchange will be borne by us.


Defective product
We take all possible precautions when shipping the ordered product, but by any chance "product difference" or "defective product" If there is, we will exchange it for the same non-defective product as the ordered product, except in the following cases.
In that case, please contact us within 7 days after the item arrives and return the item.
Please note that we cannot refund or reduce the price even if the product is defective.
In addition, we will refund the items that cannot be exchanged due to out of stock. The refund method for credit card payments is the same as that of the credit card company.

[We do not accept exchanges in the following cases]
( 1) If you do not contact us within 7 days after the item arrives, such as defective items.
(2) At your own risk, some of the items such as accessories may be removed. If lost
(3) If the item is dirty or damaged at your own risk
(4) Product tag Is removed from the product
(5) If the product has been used even once
(6) Rework (Hemming, etc.) or washing
(7) Others If we judge that we cannot accept the exchange according to the above
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